Improve Your Golf Game In Pattaya

Take golf lessons in Pattaya with knowledgeable instructors at Pattaya Golf Pro. Learn the skills and techniques needed to excel on the course.

Golf Coaching in Pattaya

We look forward to helping you improve your game. Our Pros are here to help you improve at golf. Both speak Thai and English fluently

At Pattaya Golf Pro, we offer golf lessons at the Kho Wai driving range, and Phoenix Gold Golf Club.

We help golfers like you. Golfers that became frustrated with all the complicated swing thoughts they were taught and the overly complex movements and drills they were told they MUST execute correctly if they wanted to play the game well.
We aim to simplify things so that you fully understand what you need to do. We use different methods to help you understand what your body needs to be doing in the swing. This will lead to not only better ball striking but less injuries.

Beginners Golf Lessons In Pattaya
Beginners we do start at the very beginning on the putting green and eventually work back to the range. Injured and Senior golfers, we know that lack of mobility is an issue and we take that into consideration with the drills we will get you to work on.

Golf Lessons

Individual 1500 bht Hour

Receive personalized Golf instruction in Pattaya tailored to your specific needs. Our individual lessons focus on improving your swing, accuracy, and overall game.

man in white long sleeve shirt and red cap playing golf during daytime
man in white long sleeve shirt and red cap playing golf during daytime
Group 2 players or more
1000 bht each max 4

Join a group lesson and learn alongside other golfers. Our group lessons provide a fun and social environment to improve your skills.

white golf ball on green grass field during daytime
white golf ball on green grass field during daytime
Juniors 1000 bht each

Children from 4 to 16 max 2 per class

We are experts at dealing with children. We work at numerous International schools in the Pattaya area. We have children's clubs available

5 Lessons 7000 bht

10 Lessons 12000 bht

For experienced golfers looking to take their game to the next level, our advanced lessons in Jomtiem focus on refining techniques and strategies. Validity for 5 lessons is 1 month and for 10 lessons 2 months

New Intensive Courses

5 Day Game Improvement Program

Days 1-4:
Golf's fundamentals,
Foundations: swing, chipping, putting,
Developing foundations: Hitting driver and fairway woods, bunkers.
8 hours coaching 2 hours per day

1 x 9 hole playing lessons including cart and caddie at Phoenix after 3.30pm
videos of your progress over the week

2 hour short game clinic

Putting and Green reading
Chipping around the Green from various lies. Short chips with different clubs. Bump and Run - High and Low chips. Chipping over a bunker and bunker play. Thinking about what type of shot to play and more Price from 1800 for one person to 1500 2-4 people

Call or email us to BOOK your place mention SHORT GAME CLINIC

Golf Clubs available to RENT - Daily to Weekly

Happy Students

The golf lessons at Pattaya Golf Pro have significantly improved my game. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide valuable feedback. Ricky

I highly recommend Pattaya Golf Pro for anyone looking to improve their golf skills. The lessons are informative and enjoyable. Enzo

Thanks to Pattaya Golf Pro, my golf game has improved dramatically. The instructors are patient and provide clear instructions. Ginny

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