About Us – Golf Instuctor in Pattaya

I help golfers like you. Golfers that became frustrated with all the complicated swing thoughts they were taught and the overly complex movements and drills they were told they MUST execute correctly if they wanted to play the game well.
Our aim is to simplify things so that you fully understand what you need to do. We use different methods to help you understand what your body needs to be doing in the swing. This will lead to not only better ball striking but less injuries. Our Golf Lessons are designed around your needs.
Beginners we do start at the very beginning on the putting green and eventually work back to the range. Injured and Senior golfers, we know that lack of mobility is an issue and we take that into consideration with the drills we will get you to work on.
Short game clinics-approach shots, whatever part of your game you feel you need to work on then we can help you.
We can offer a discount if it is a group class.
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